Upcoming Mission

Mission Date
Map Sahrani
Stealth Required
AA Needed No
AT Needed No
Air Support No
UAV Support No
Fire Support No
Zeus Surumon


  • Early AM; Night turning into Day over the next hour.
  • Time Stipulation: Mission Difficulty increase after 1 hour.
  • Limited Lives: 5 shared lives.
  • Fail on team wipe or out of lives.
  • OPFOR is Low-Tech.
  • Maintain stealth until first objective is neutralized.
  • Objectives may be added or changed mid-mission.┬áCommand is radio silent until an objective updates.


  • All team load outs have been pre-selected. There is no need to design one.
  • Team Lead has only GPS. Team Lead and other members are setup for close to mid range combat.
  • Medics are setup with mid-range weapons. Ammo bearer DOES NOT carry extra medic ammo.
  • Demo-Man and Ammo-Bearer are required roles to be played.